Industry Leader Program

Establish Your Brand as an Industry Leader

Industry Leader – $15,880 / month

Custom Corporate Package: The Works.*

Search Engine Overhaul

Choose exactly what you want them to see when they Google your company. Promote positive content to make sure it’s seen and not buried on page 10 of the search results.

News Headliners

Put Yourself and Your Business at the Center of the Story – 11 articles annually.

Titans of Industry Peer Program

Establish yourself as an expert in your field through the publication of white papers and becoming an expert commentator alongside industry heavyweights in online articles.

Whisper Campaigning

Control what “they” say about you.

Corporate Credentialing

Inclusion in major platforms such as Wikipedia, Crunch Base, Glassdoor, Bloomberg, Owler, Zoom Info. and professional databases.

Negativity Eraser

Identify and remove negative material from page 1.

SEO Ramp Up

Power up the visibility across all of the web properties and articles included in this package.  Ensure that they are at the top of your results, no matter what the internet throws at you.

*You may have received a custom proposal from Repute PR that more specifically outlines your services.  You should refer to the proposal for a more specific delineation of your Industry Leader offering.

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