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Because Your Online Reputation Is Your Reputation.


Boost Your Reputation

Controlling the Story

Business Reputation Management

 When clients and customers research your business online, we make sure you’re putting your best digital foot forward.

Executive & Professional Reputation Management

What Is Your Executive Brand? 

Whether you are just getting started building your personal brand, or have suffered a reputation-ending catastrophe, we can help.   


Institutional Reputation Management

Large corporations, government agencies political parties, universities and private equity groups are more vulnerable than smaller entities and require a different approach to ORM.  Repute PR can help.

Removing Negative Material

Restore Your Good Name:  

Whether you’re a victim of slander, a viral video, negative customer reviews, or several news sources have perennially published your worst moment for all to see, we can help.   


Promoting the Positive Online

Putting Your Best Moments In the News..  Through our media relations outreach and online affiliate programs, we make sure that you, and not the press, control the lighting while you occupy the spotlight.  More than mere marketing, more than public relations, on-call Reputation Management where and when you need it most.



Making Sure You Get Found with Digital Marketing & SEO

Anyone can find your business website when they google the name of your brand.  That’s the easy part.  Repute PR can make sure they find your business when they are searching for you by category. 

Credibility Building Through Whisper Campaigns

Acquiring positive online mentions by credible sources, in a context relevant to your industry is key.  This can be an even more effective way to establish yourself as an authority than when the headline is about you. Repute’s whisper campaigns are designed to do exactly that.  Reputation is managed by the masses.  Let us manage the masses.



You’ve Already Earned It. Now Let Us Broadcast It.

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PR Building

Your reputation online is your reputation, period.  When people google your name or the name of your business we ensure that they see the real you.  Not the you that happened once. Not the you that some unhappy customer wants the world to see; but the you that you’ve earned through hard work and countless interactions with others. Through our media outlets and good old-fashioned hard work, we at Repute PR, make sure that you are held in high regard wherever your business and life may take you.   Don’t you deserve to enjoy some good repute?

Crisis Management

When bad news hits, it’s instantaneous. We understand that good reputations take a lifetime to earn but can vanish in a handful of weeks or days. or sometimes, minutes.   That’s why our crisis management team is prepared to step in on an expedited basis.  Whether due to a sudden influx of negative news or a client opportunity that requires reputation ramp-up overnight, we’re ready. 

Putting You In the News

Repute PR leverages years of working with the media to not only get your story out there, but shape it before it goes live.   Many PR and reputation management companies will try to pitch their clients’ stories to journalists as “newsworthy.”  But too often they lose control of the narrative once a news outlet has decided to run with it.   This sort of myopic tactics can backfire, leaving the client with the wrong kind of publicity.   Despite the old axiom, there is in fact such a thing as bad publicity.  At Repute PR, our clients control the narrative.

Your Story Matters

People are more interested in the story of a person with a great idea than they are in a great idea itself. Before they will listen to you they need to be interested in you. Your story matters. Where are you coming from, how did you get here and where are you headed?   That’s why every great business book conveys its lessons through stories of the people behind the business. At Repute PR, we understand that reputation management is about storytelling. A compelling story is hard to overcome and can make for powerful armor against outside attacks.  

Boost Your Reputation

Solutions You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Complete Confidentiality

We don’t share our clients’ identities with anyone.  You’ve hired us to highlight YOUR success, not ours.   Many of our clients come to us at a very sensitive time in their lives.  If we erase some painful history only to bring it up again and again ourselves, what’s the point?  

Defamation Resolution

We’re not too proud to enlist outside resources.  In fact, that’s one of the keys to our strength.  By partnering with the right law firms, we insure that all of your needs are met.  If there’s a legal channel they will find it.  We work together to make sure your good name is restored, both online and elsewhere.  Reputation Management + PR + Digital Marketing + Legal Muscle = Results.

Dealing with Negative Press Through Investigative Journalism

We partner with private investigation firms, former FBI agents, investigative journalists and law firms to make sure that both sides of a story are told.  When the press hits they can hit hard.  We hit harder.

Ambassadors of Access

Repute PR offers access to digital media that other reputation management and pr agencies just can’t deliver. From industry specific publications to ubiquitous household names, Repute PR opens doors that usher in “brand” new possibilities.  We don’t just pitch your story to journalists. Repute PR leverages it’s media resources to craft your story and find that newsworthy angle to put you where you need to be when you need to be there.

Expedited Thought Leadership Development

Other PR companies can take you through a years-long credibility campaign designed to put you in front of industry peers.  This method, while an important component of a do-it-yourself, long-game branding effort, is inefficient and time consuming.  Our clients don’t hire us to tell THEM what to do, but rather for what WE can do for them.  Let our writers channel your knowledge so that your clients and your peers can take notice.

Unrivaled Resources

Repute PR: More than a Public Relations Agency, More than a Reputation Management Firm and a new Kind of Digital Marketing Company.  We combine the resources of all three, throw in some strategic partnering with law firms and private investigation agencies, and you can see why we are in good Repute with our clients.

Our Unique Approach: Reputation Management Meets PR

PR companies are typically designed to pitch and promote media content to publications.  These publications may, or may not, show interest in their client’s story.

Reputation management firms rely heavily on tools and quick-fix web solutions that provide mixed results.  Their strategy is all too often readily transparent.

At Repute, we’ve developed our own way of doing things that drive results.

Results matter.

Digital Reputation Is Everything

That Feeling You Get When the Real You Shines Through.

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Repute PR, Reputedly the Best in Reputation Management

Guaranteed Results

At Repute PR, if we’ve taken you on as a client it means we believe in you.  Other PR companies charge you for their “effort.”  At Repute, if we take you on, it means we’ve vetted your case, gotten to know you and/or your company, and can guarantee we’ll get your name in lights.  Results matter.  Why pay for effort?  Your brand, whether personal or business, deserves respect.  You’ve earned it.  Now let us protect it, fix any undeserved blemishes if necessary, and broadcast it to the world.   

We believe that results should be identifiable, tangible, and of value in and of themselves.   Digital marketing agencies that peddle “effort” over results, often leaving the client wondering what exactly they’re paying for and asking questions like “what is value-added digital asset proposition development” again?”  We don’t know either. 

Building Great Reputations

In business as in life, you really are your reputation, as the world sees it anyway.   And increasingly, the cliché is spot on: your online reputation is your reputation.   Paradoxically, good news and good experiences seldom make the news.  It’s the negative that tends to go viral on social media.  Similarly, customers and clients seldom take to the web to report positive experiences on review sites.  The web, and today’s news cycle is designed to accentuate the negative.  At Repute, we’re here to change that.

Reputations Are Earned, Not Purchased

If we work together, it’s because we know all about you and we know that you’ve already earned your reputation.  You can’t buy that.  We’re here to transform your real reputation (with those who actually know you) into your online reputation, so the two are in harmony.   And once we’ve done that, we can shout it to the rooftops.  You’ve already earned it.   Now let us brag about it for you. We will put you in good repute.

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Like Magic
Gave this doctor his life back and saved his medical practice. After being wrongly accused the story was all over the internet. The people at Repute PR removed the story from multiple places.

Cardiologist - 1/8/2020abc

Took Us To The Next..
We had a lot of success stories to tell. But, outside of our clients, no one knew about them. Now they are everywhere you look. That's had a huge impact on our sales team's ability to close.

Service Industry Co. - 9/8/2018

Almost Famous
I've developed my own little corner of fame in my industry. Google me and you'll see what I've done. It's all true. But I grew tired of having to tell people myself. Now I don't have to.

Attorney - 11/16/2019

0 to Hero in 3.5 Months..
I do great work, but am not the type to brag. I don't like name dropping and can't stand elbow rubbing or standing in line to talk to some big wig. Repute PR did the bragging for me. Now

Anonymous - 2/4/2020

If You Don’t Manage the Internet, It Will Manage You

There’s nothing cool about going off the grid.  If you don’t choose how you want to be perceived on the web, then another will.

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