Be Like Craig

Reputation Management That’s Better Than Prozac.

What Makes Craig So Centered?

Craig Doesn’t Worry About What Others Think.

It’s not that he doesn’t care about his reputation.  Craig is smarter than that.  

We all like to think that we “don’t care what others think” of us.  But what we’re really trying to convey when we utter that common refrain, is that we are self confident.   

If you are comfortable in your own skin, your happiness comes from within, not from what others say about you.  

And that’s how it should be.  

Craig cares what others think of him of course.  His reputation affects his friendships, his income and his social interactions every day.   It’s just that he doesn’t worry about it.   Because, ultimately, Craig’s happiness come from within.  

Craig focuses on being Craig and let’s Repute PR take care of the rest.  

Craig Focuses on Building Character Over Reputation

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. Character is what you really are.  Reputation is what people say you are. Reputation is often based on character – but not always.”

 –Legendary UCLA Basketball Coach, John Wooden

Craig’s a Wooden fan who focuses on being the best Craig that he can be.  He dedicates his time to mastering his craft at work, and on being dependable, reliable and honest with his friends, acquaintances, colleagues and clients.    

But Craig knows that somewhere along the way, he will make a mistake, be misunderstood or fail in his pursuit of excellence.  He will make many friends, lose a few and perhaps even gain enemy who will not have the kindest things to say.  

When it comes to life, Craig is centered . Craig gets it.  He focuses on his character and let’s us take care of his personal and professional brand and reputation.    

Craig Believes that Mistakes Are Necessary for Growth

“You make mistakes.  Mistakes Don’t Make You.”  

Maxwell Maltz

Dr.. Maltz said that before the advent of the internet.   Craig believes that mistakes build character, but knows that today, one mistake can be immortalized and grafted into the constant loop that is the internet for all eternity.   

Craig doesn’t worry about taking calculated risks in business or in life.  Craig doesn’t want to go through life avoiding mistakes.   

That’s why he let’s Repute PR insure that while Craig will make mistake, mistakes won’t make Craig.  

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