Damaging online negative reviews removed with the help of Repute PR

Our client, who we will call Dr. E, is a physician who provided a facelift and lip injections to a patient, who we will call Ms. F.  Ms. F was unhappy with the results of the procedures by Dr. E, and posted numerous inaccurate reviews about him to sites including the Better Business Bureau.

Because Ms. F claimed that Dr. E was not licensed, which was an untrue statement, we were able to get the BBB to remove Ms. F’s reviews. Ms. F was given the opportunity by the BBB to revise her review by the BBB, but she did not, prompting the BBB to take down her factually inaccurate reviews summarily.

Another client, who we will call Mr. B, owns a marriage counseling and life coaching business. When unhappy clients posted negative reviews claiming that Mr. B was unlicensed to serve as this type of counselor,  we were able to get these reviews removed.  Because Mr. B practices in California, where no licensing is required to practice in his field, Yelp agreed to remove the negative reviews which referenced his licensing.

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