How to Increase the Number of Google Searches your Business Gets

Improving your business’s position on the Google search engine takes optimization, time, and strategy. It helps in finding new customers, attracting local businesses, boosting your online reputation, and ultimately increases leads and sales.

A dedicated team like the professional reputation managers at Repute PR can help you accomplish these goals.  It is up to you and your PR team to put the effort into driving more traffic to your website by targeting the following key areas:


The words and phrases that are typed into your Google search box are the words associated with the websites that come up after you press “enter.” These websites are ranked based on the relevance to the keywords, the reliability of their content, and their structure.

With that said, you need to include the right keywords in the right places within your business content that target what your potential customers are searching for. Using commonly searched words on your website will make your business more likely to rank higher on Google.

You can use a keyword rank checker to learn about your site’s usage and gauge your audience’s search patterns to know where to improve. Looking at social media conversations is also a helpful way to gather personas and see what language your customers use to talk about your business.

Using these target words and phrases will additionally help build trust between you and your customers, which also plays a role in Google ranking. Optimizing informational keywords in a language your audience understands makes your customers realize that your website is there to educate them rather than to show off, which will increase visits back to your site. 


Getting a high authority and trusted website to link your business is essential in placing high in Google rankings because it exposes your content to a new audience, increases your site’s credibility, and brings in traffic.

In order to achieve this factor, you need to focus on building your network and creating mutually benefitting relationships with local or similar businesses, in addition to newspapers, blogs, and directories.

Contact Repute PR to get your success in the news. The more eyes you can get on your site, the more likely other writers will link it in theirs. 

Quality Content

Giving searchers the most relevant and useful information is the most obvious yet important step in maintaining a high Google ranking. Not only is it about stuffing your site with keywords, but proving yourself worthy of that keyword over time.

The relevance to certain keywords, as well as the reliability of that content, is how your site can gain value and have users stay on your site longer. Build your site over time and keep it fresh with new and in-depth content. In other words, don’t let your site get stale.

Continually improving your content and growing the number of resources your site provides will help you get to the top of Google search results, and Repute PR can help your company achieve this through our digital marketing services.     

Local Search

Setting up local listings for your business through Google My Business helps obtain more backlists that will rank your business higher in local results and bring more customers to you.

As a local business, using geographic keywords in page titles, links, and your content strategy is essential to let Google know that you are prominent in that location.

It is not only important to generate a local listing in the first place but to keep your listing up to date, accurate, and active to get a higher ranking business. Concentrating on niche topics is also a good way for your business to stand out of the crowd, not because you meet more needs but because you meet a special need. 

Mobile Responsiveness

In today’s digital world, nearly 60% of searches are from mobile devices. With that in mind, Google now factors mobile responsiveness into its ranking criteria. If your website doesn’t comply with mobile use, a large section of your audience will be missed.

Ensuring that your customers can perform any task on the mobile version that they could on their desktop is key to maximizing Google searches, considering the majority of people who surf the internet on their mobile devices.

To go along with optimizing mobile use, it is important for your site to optimize speed as well. Having a slow site can jeopardize your Google ranking and drive customers away, which is why you should continuously try to improve your site’s performance by making image files smaller and streamline your web content

Positive Reviews

Getting your site featured in top Google reviews is helpful to establish trust between potential customers who are reading about your business.

85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, which goes to show that your company’s best marketers are your existing customers.

Glowing reviews of your site can help in boosting your online reputation and ranking higher on Google searches for reliability, so it is important to ask your loyal customers to put in a good word.

Repute PR can also help you and your business foster these customer relations and gather essential reviews to feature on your website.

This way, Google searchers can come across your name with a pre-existing notion that your website is relevant enough for them to want to search up again. Keeping Google reviews positive is essential for your business, and you can find out more on how to get rid of the negative here. 

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