Repute Pr builds back brand of multi-billion dollar real estate investment firm

Repute PR launched a national PR campaign that successfully drew positive attention to a multi-billion dollar real estate fund that previously faced online backlash after a government investigation into one of its sales managers went public.

Despite the high returns that the brand’s investments brought to its investors, the alleged actions of one employee threatened to affect the future of the entire company.  Our experts at Repute PR were able to develop an intelligent strategy to bring favorable media attention to the brand.

Employing experienced award-winning former journalists, sophisticated public relations professionals, and masters at marketing, Repute PR blasted the real estate organization’s positive news to the media in the form of press releases, news articles, interviews, in-person media appearances, notable blog posts, viral social media posts, and other means.

This targeted approach was able to push down the negative attention the real estate investment firm had been receiving on google and other online search engines. Now, the fund was on the front page of google with positive features on Yahoo finance, The Boston Herald, nationally recognized business and real estate journals, and legions of other media outlets.

Our dedicated and ongoing efforts successfully turned a crisis situation for the company into an opportunity for growth and favorable media from the media.

If your business is facing a crisis, and you would like to learn more about how to successfully steer the situation toward a positive media outcome, contact Repute PR today.

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